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Enhanced Content Syndication

With our Enhanced Content Syndication, we are able to add custom fields to your listings; Showcase your photos, videos, business description, hours and holiday hours, menus, staff bios, product and service lists, and more fields including basic NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number). Listings with complete enhanced content lists receives roughly 200% more views than those without

Real-time Updates

With the WPE Platform, we are able to keep your business information 100% up-to-date, with no delays.

Scheduled Updates

Keep your listings safe with our scheduled updates feature.  We are now able to schedule future updates to keep your customer’s interested in your business.

Duplicate Listing Suppression

The Duplicate Suppression feature uses patented technology with publishers’ API to automatically flag the duplicate entry to be reviewed.  This tool ensures customers find your correct listing information.

Detailed Analytics Report

Web Presence Experts Analytics gives you a clear look into how potential customers are finding your brand across local channels. Our program breaks down your market of onlookers by device type, the terms they are researching with, and what publishers they are using. This invaluable information allows you to position yourself where your potential customers are searching.

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